International Affairs, Population and
Human Rights-Related Work

Gauging public knowledge of modern-day slavery:

BRS conducted public opinion research in 2012, including preliminary research, focus groups, and a national survey, for Humanity United to determine the public’s baseline awareness of various modern-day slavery conditions and to identify the most likely and most effective actions Americans will take to combat it.

Talking about the environmental impacts of population growth:

For Americans for UNFPA, BRS conducted research among American environmentalists to develop message strategies to energize environmentalists to address population growth, the lack of family planning, and impacts on the environment.

Understanding how Americans apply human rights to social justice in the U.S.:

Our benchmark research for The Opportunity Agenda laid the groundwork for understanding how Americans – including key audiences of young adults and people of color – understand human rights and how they apply the concept of human rights to domestic social justice issues.
Learning about global health issues:

BRS research on Americans' attitudes toward global health issues for Communications Consortium Media Center and WGBH-TV in Boston guided the thematic presentation of the PBS series, "Rx for Survival" as well as the strategy for motivating Americans to solve global health problems.


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