Environmental Research

Empowering Great Lakes restoration efforts:

Working with a coalition of environmental groups around the Great Lakes area, BRS has conducted opinion research, briefed lawmakers and other decision-makers, held message workshops, created messages and ad concepts, and helped to create print ads supporting a successful campaign for federal funding for Great Lakes restoration.

Defending the EPA and Clean Air Act:

BRS’ 2011 research for the Natural Resources Defense Council helped advocates and policy-makers develop strategy and messages for defeating political attacks on the Environmental Protection Agency’s authority to control air pollution.

Moving the ball on energy, transportation, and global warming:

From low-carbon fuel standards and energy efficiency programs to campaigns against dirty fuels such as liquid coal and efforts to stop the Keystone XL pipeline, our research and guidance have helped NRDC’s programs fight the energy and global warming battle on many fronts.

Protecting the Arctic:

Using focus groups and national survey research for the Unified Arctic Campaign and The Wilderness Society, we developed messaging for the campaign to win permanent protection for the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Preserving Montana:

BRS has developed messages to support the efforts of a coalition of conservation groups to prevent the expansion of coal development in the state, provided message consulting to the successful campaign that kept cyanide-method mining out of the state, and helped craft a message against the abandoned "takings" initiative that would have undermined zoning regulations in the state.

Fighting nuclear power expansion:

For Friends of the Earth, BRS helped develop messages for a long-term fight against nuclear power expansion in the United States and conducted focus groups to explore possible ballot language and message themes for a 2012 California ballot initiative to close down two nuclear reactors.


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